Thursday, May 17, 2007

The apple trees were blooming along the walk, and smelled so good! This was the last picture we took before it started raining on us, then we walked back. Luckily, J. had brought raincoats for us. Cocoa didn't mind getting wet, and by the time she was dry back home, she was all soft from the fresh rain.

Cocoa partakes in the roadside attractions of doggie pools, for cooling off and for drinking.

Aw, cute with the barrel on the St. Bernard.

Dogs in strollers and wagons.

There were a few cats on the walk. Most of them looked about this happy (as in "Get me the hell out of here!")

We got a late start so we ate lunch before the beginning of the walk. We had veggie hot dogs and chips, and Cocoa got Frosty Paws doggie ice cream, all provided by the walk sponsors for free.

Here are J. and Cocoa on the shuttle bus from the off-site parking to the beginning of the walk. This is one of the best and most entertaining parts of the walk, riding on a bus full of dogs!!

Cocoa having a swell time.

I don't remember this guy's name, but he was sweet and I pet him. He's one of the oldsters who went walking that day.


Look, it's a baby buffalo! Just kidding. But his name really is Tatanka, which means "buffalo," if you'll remember your Dances With Wolves trivia. He was very sweet and calm. And big!

Aviator goggles for dogs? Cute.

More Animal Walk pics

These ladies had a snake and a lizard-y thing. It was their first time on the walk and they surprised it was mostly doggies walking.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Walk for the Animals 2007

Cocoa all gussied up ready for the walk. We're waiting for the shuttle bus to come take us to the starting point.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I think you can figure out most of these details, except maybe the photo of the young woman. Hint: small houses, prairies, writer. And the body on NM at the bottom is duh, an alien! From Roswell, of course. For Colorado, I chose two factories you can tour: the Celestial Seasonings Tea company, and Hammond's Candies. I've been on the CS tour, that was really fun. But then I love factory tours.

More 50 states ATC's!

Just sent these off yesterday for a swap. The funny photo on the Kansas card is from the annual Pancake Throwing Race, started in the 1500's in a city in England, and taken up in Kansas in the 1950s. Kinda weird but funny, it originated from a story about a woman who was cooking on her griddle when the call came to go to church and confess her sins. She ran out of the house, griddle in hand, to get to church on time. So now people do this silly race and they have to carry a frying pan with them! I don't think they have to have pancakes as well, but this photo is great. In the Oklahoma card, there's a pecan pie (my favorite) signifying the largest pecan pie ever made (created in OK), and the funny beaver statue is holding a giant cowchip to signify the world cowchip throwing contest in Beaver, OK.