Sunday, July 26, 2009

Making Butterflies

Have you heard of The Butterfly Project? It's one of those community art projects that bring people together in order to remember something really important, in this case the 1.5 million children who died in the Holocaust. The Holocaust Museum is asking for people to make 1.5 million butterflies. There are guidelines on the website if you're interested in participating, and someone has created a swap of sorts on Swap-bot to promote it and enable swappers to share the experience with someone else (you send your partner a photo and description of your butterfly). Want an idea of what other folks are making? Here are some made by kids. I think this is a popular class project. What a great idea, to make beauty in response to horror, to give children some way to respond.

I really like this idea and think I'll do it. It's not a huge committment, but it is an important gesture and it may help me to get back to making art again. I am just so burnt out since that art fair, and I want to get back to the feeling of making art because I love making art, not because someone might buy it.

My computer is slowly being rebuilt after its untimely death a couple months ago. Hence the lack of postings here. I miss it, I have felt so cut off from the world! Hope to post again soon, have some new doodle ATC's to show off.