Sunday, May 18, 2008

Flowers Blooming, Finadamnly

We went to the flower show at the Como Conservatory a couple weeks ago in the sunken garden and I love this shot I got under the bridge. And it just smelled soooooo good in there. I'm very sensitive to smell.

comfiness break

Even though it's getting warmer here now, sometimes when it's in the low 60's and we have the windows open and there's breezes, I can not get warm all day. I want to be this kitty. I got to put on a sweatshirt and curl up under a blanket.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

needle book: inside the front and back covers

I tried a couple different things inside the front and back covers that I may or may not do again. I just love that lace inside the front cover so wanted to use some. Same with my fabric choice. Then on the back page I sewed some sheer ribbon and made sort of a slot for a small bobbin of embroidery thread. I didn't quite like how that came out. I only used one sheet of felt, which some people try to pass off as 4 pages, and that's just stupid because you'll be poking yourself on both sides. So I might put another sheet of felt in next time for a few more pages, since I have so many needles.
I also whip-stiched some novelty yarn around the edge of the book, which may be overkill because I did two different yarns, but I like it. I want it to be fun and inspiring-looking, not boring and tedious. So I'm making more of these and will put some of them on my Etsy store and see how they sell. The other thing I was thinking was putting a few needles in them to start off the recipient. It just seems cruel to send an empty needle book. It's so overwhelming to go to JoAnn's and look at the needles, whereas if you're a general crafter, you can just look at a few and go, "That looks like it will work." That's what I've ended up doing. Any thoughts, fellow crafters who sew stuff?

new project: needle books

Hi, I am not a seamstress, but I play one on TV. Or at least in my craft room. and I have all these needles and I got sick of hunting them down so I looked up on the internet the ten thousand ways people make them. Most of them looked too darn tidy and fussy to me. I like quick and messy and a little fuzzy. So here's what I came up with: Heavier upholstery cotton fabric for the outside, a nice light cotton for the inside, a layer of batting in between, then after getting that all sewn and flipped right side out, cut a piece of felt with pinky shears (I know they're called pinking, I just like the name pinky shears better) and sew that on down the spine. Then I threw a couple cute iron-on patches on the front cover. And learned that there's a wrong way to sew in non-2-sided ribbon for ties.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Funky Tree ATC

Another tiny ATC book...ah so tiny, I love tiny

You know you want it, you must have it, go buy it on my Etsy... Update 5/15: Hey! Someone bought them all! Cool! I'll make more this weekend...

Saturday, May 10, 2008


These are some ACEO's I just put up for sale in my Etsy shop. I've never sold ATC's before, which is what ACEO's are, but I felt these were worth it. They're made using rubber stamps I carved (of Amelia Earhart for the earlier shrine project - which did not sell, by the way, and I'm putting that up for sale on the Etsy shop as well). The backgrounds are painted with watercolors and lumiere and I think they're really nice. I hope someone else thinks so. We shall see.

Chris' Frosted Flaked ATC book finished!

I think I really over-blinged it, but I think Chris will love it. I just found these tiny spoon charms, too, that go Grrrreat! with the books that I'll keep using as long as I can find someplace to order them.