Thursday, May 15, 2008

new project: needle books

Hi, I am not a seamstress, but I play one on TV. Or at least in my craft room. and I have all these needles and I got sick of hunting them down so I looked up on the internet the ten thousand ways people make them. Most of them looked too darn tidy and fussy to me. I like quick and messy and a little fuzzy. So here's what I came up with: Heavier upholstery cotton fabric for the outside, a nice light cotton for the inside, a layer of batting in between, then after getting that all sewn and flipped right side out, cut a piece of felt with pinky shears (I know they're called pinking, I just like the name pinky shears better) and sew that on down the spine. Then I threw a couple cute iron-on patches on the front cover. And learned that there's a wrong way to sew in non-2-sided ribbon for ties.


Chris said...

Oh, Carrie. How you do charm me with your fabricality. I love this thing. I just saw in Somerset Studio, which seems to take a full week to read, that they are calling for aprons for their new publication about aprons. And that just sounds like something I want to do, and I come here to ask you about it, and look at you. You are sewing something else that's cute, even though the Dotees were cuter than anything.

No, I haven't gotten out my sewing machine, nor have I purchased enough fabric for an apron. But I can dream, dammit!

digibudi said...

I just had to look what kind of Needle books you make.. Oooh my! It looks definitely divine to me.. I would LOVE one.. (check your email about the purse!!!!)