Thursday, June 25, 2009

Abandonment Issues

Do you feel abandoned? I'm sorry. I am finally getting a chance to let you know that my computer died. I'm using hubby's work one to at least let you know. It will probably be a week or two (ugh) before we get a new hard drive and everything reinstalled. Groan. I feel so cut off from the world! Say a little computer prayer for me. Until technology is straightened out here, I will miss you!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Selling Myself

Well, what I mean is, really being proud of my work and saying why I think it's of superior quality. So I just put this statement in my store description on Etsy. I'm afraid people will think I'm being too pushy or snobby, but I don't know. Comments?

**NOTE: I know a lot of artists make the quilted coasters but I feel mine are superior because 1)I use felt for batting so it's flatter for cups to stand on, and 2)Instead of just doing a topstitch and leaving it at that, I take great care in my quilting on each coaster, making it a work of art, following the lines of a motif on the fabric and making each one unique; and finally, 3)I make the price quite reasonable compared to the typical price out there for a 4-coaster set.**

I mean, look at my lovely detail in cupcake coaster photo. Isn't it just yummy? Okay, that's all I wanted to say.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Doodle for a Square Clock

Here's my latest doodle I've finished that's for a square clock face. I love it. I used a Christmas ad circular cover for Macy's or some big store that I'd saved for inspiration. And I tried to throw in a teency bit of Frank Lloyd Wright. Now I get to color it!

Nice to be Noticed

Chrisy at Sophism Press blog just plugged one of my Etsy items by using the image of the item and linking to my Etsy listing. Nice! And it's the Amelia Earhart piece that I love so much. Chrisy's blog entry is all about flight, first about how wonderful it is to have dreams of flying, and then about women who fought the good fight and broke down barriers, doing things women had never done before, like fly airplanes. Quite fun. And I love some of the other items she's linked to, like the clay fly pendant. Go look, it's neato.