Sunday, June 07, 2009

Selling Myself

Well, what I mean is, really being proud of my work and saying why I think it's of superior quality. So I just put this statement in my store description on Etsy. I'm afraid people will think I'm being too pushy or snobby, but I don't know. Comments?

**NOTE: I know a lot of artists make the quilted coasters but I feel mine are superior because 1)I use felt for batting so it's flatter for cups to stand on, and 2)Instead of just doing a topstitch and leaving it at that, I take great care in my quilting on each coaster, making it a work of art, following the lines of a motif on the fabric and making each one unique; and finally, 3)I make the price quite reasonable compared to the typical price out there for a 4-coaster set.**

I mean, look at my lovely detail in cupcake coaster photo. Isn't it just yummy? Okay, that's all I wanted to say.


Chris said...

I will agree wholeheartedly on the quality of your coasters. They are absorbent, they are flat, they are just the right thickness (not wombly-thick but cushiony thick) and they have delightful prints. And they are all stitched to perfection. I'm gradually putting them all over my house. In fact, they are wall-worthy.

Rock on.

Chris said...

No. you aren't being pushy, you're just telling the truth!

shana said...

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Chris said...

Ready for your Bike news!

Miss Val's Creations said...

I love the fabric on the coaster. Perfect for an afternoon with coffee & cake!

Web Design said...

If i were to put a grade on your work, i would mark it as "excellent"!!!