Sunday, October 31, 2010

DoD part Deux

Okay, so now we're at the scene in Dawn of the Dead where they just figured it out that if you get bit, you turn into a zombie.  Duh!  Haven't any of them seen zombie movies before?  "What are they?" someone asks. It's like they don't even know the word zombie. 

So White Fella says it's better to kill the ones who are infected before they die and turn into zombies.  And who do they know has been bitten?  Oh, hey, it's Max Headroom.  You can't kill him!  He's nice! And you're making his daughter cry. Oh, wait, yeah, he is starting to look kinda zombie-ish...

So why is it that in movies when there's a black American man married to a white woman, she's always European?  I think it's a subtle way of not offending Americans who like to think they're ok with interracial marraige but really they're not, unless it's just those Europeans doing it.  Hmph.

The couple of which I speak is about to have a baby, and we're hoping it happens before she turns into a zom.  Because she's been bitten, and so he's hiding her.  And has her tied up! while she's in labor! He's telling her not to scream, to be quiet.  Oh, look out honey, them's fightin' words.  You can't say that to a woman in labor!  Even if she is part zom.

Oh, yuck.  A zom baby.  Ew.  Moving on.  Oh, look, the food court where they gather has a coffee place called Hallowed Grounds.  Rich with irony, that is.  Hey, look, a dog.  Now here's a character I can care about! 

La la it's kind of boring after this.  The ending is rather boring.  But you know the scariest thing about this movie?  These zoms can run!  Fast!  The old time zoms could only stumble around slowly, which makes more sense, since they are just reanimated blobs without any muscle memory, right?  I mean, that's my zombie logic.

Well, all is well at the end, sort of.  The dog survived.  And Ving Rhames' character.  That's all that's really important.  Yawn.  Time to hit the lights. 

Johnny Cash on Halloween

I can't believe I've never watched  the 2004 Dawn of the Dead before.  I mean, I love this kind of crap!  The opening credits alone are f-in brilliant.  Oh, yeah, and I love Johnny Cash, so hearing him singing about the apocalypse ("The Man Comes Around") while the zombies wreak havoc is perfect.

I'm watching it now, after midnite, because a. toddler is now asleep in bed so it won't scare her, and b. I have a headache and can't sleep.  So follow along with me, won't you?

So, yeah, they've just arrived in the mall.  After they broke in by throwing a toilet through the window.  I love it! A toilet, like their lives are now in one, b/c there's freakin' zombies everywhere.  In Milwaukee.  I love that it's set in a real town.  That makes it more funny somehow, whereas having it set in a nameless town or in Metropolis (same thing) makes it more serious and allegorical.  No, this is in the cheese state.

So now White Fella goes into the sports store, and he's got a crowbar (huh? in a sports store?) and he hears a noise.  He looks around.  For something better than a crowbar?  There, he spies a wooden croquet mallet. Is he actually--OMG, yes! he's actually going to put down the crowbar and pick up the croquet mallet instead!  Doesn't he know this isn't a vampire movie? Wood is not better than steel. Oh boy, he's really making white folk look stoopid.  Oh, he's going to open that door, too, the one with zombie noises behind it.  Good idea!  Hey, look, it's a--yes, a zombie, and it's attacking him!  Oh, oh, ew!  Well, gotta give it to him, he made do with the mallet.

Punkin Light

These are my arty shots of our pumpkins.  If you want to see them from the front, go to my Mommy blog entry.

Arrr! Yo Ho Ho and such!

Me, as pirate.  It was so fun! I've always wanted to be a pretend pirate, so it was a dream come true.  I bought the hat and the tattoo sleeves new, but everything else is thrift store.  Harley Davidson boots (the only heels I own now): $4.  Leather pants with rip in butt: $7. Shirt that I cut up: $2. And then a few accessories, like earrings, shell necklaces, and one necklace  made of coffee beans and walnut shells and some other kinds of seeds: $10  I probably spent a total of about $35-40.  And I won first prize at the party we went to!  I got a jar of homemade brandied pears, but even better than that was the adulation of everyone there (the judging was done by clapping).

The studious pirate.  Sue did my makeup.  My earrings are so old school that they're clip-on.  I braided all my hair except my bangs.

Where the Heck Have I Been?!

Okay, so I know I haven't written on here in forever.  I had a couple really bad migraine battles, which span several days each and then kind of ruin the next few days, and it just snowballs, and I totally lose momentum with the stuff I like to do, like write on my blogs, do art, make zines, etc.

That's one of the hardest things about living with migraine disease.  I lose momentum. I actually like structure to my days, but migraines just knock everything all wonky.  But in September I volunteered to host a chunky book for an art group I'm in, with a Halloween/Day of the Dead theme, and I'm really happy right now because I just finished binding them all and they look fabulous.  I'll try to get some pics on here soon of those.  I know, today is Halloween!  It would be nice if I could them up today, but  I am on narcs right now for a migraine, and sitting or lying still is the best thing for it, so I may be stuck just writing today without any visual aids. 

I'm not getting any exercise outside, but I have been doing the Wii Fit games, and it's really fun.  I find myself running for 30 minutes without realizing how much time has passed.  So I've just ordered another Wii game, the Dance Dance Revolution game and mat.  I have seen kids playing it at arcades and at the Fair, and thought it looked like a lot of fun to do, but not in public.  Hey, I'm not a teenager anymore, I'd rather climb the learning curve in the privacy of my own living room, with only my toddler laughing at me! 

So one thing I've done to climb out of the pit of migraines is propose two community ed classes.  I love being Mommy to Lily, but I am really missing doing some other kind of work.  Unfortunately the job of parenting is not a confidence booster.  And I need to feel like I have skills again, and share them with people. 

The two classes I'm proposing are "Artist Trading Cards: Make a Little Piece of Art" and "DIY Publishing: Make Your Own Zine."  (I love subtitles.)  I taught the ATC class four years ago and the class went really well, although I totally brought too many supplies to the class and kind of overwhelmed myself.  I plan to cut back this time.  It's a one-evening class, so I can only do so much.  The zine class will be longer, 3 sessions, and is something I've been thinking about doing for at least a year.  I'm really looking forward to it, and the idea of creating more zinesters makes me very happy.  I've even dug out my zine collections from 15-20 years ago when I did my first zine, called Every Girl's Dream.  I'm thinking about reprinting it.  There's one thing I'd have to rewrite, but I think everything else would still be fun.  I have a lot of mass transit stories from back when I had no car, and I think those are timelessly entertaining.  One of my favorite current zines is called Constant Rider, all true stories about using mass transit.  I don't use mass transit much right now, but I still love stories about it.  You meet such a fabulous variety of people there!

So my classes will be next Feb.and March, if enough people sign up. (they'll be in the Bloomington Community Ed class catalog for Winnter 2011, and I'll post links here when the catalog comes out , in case any of you reading this are interested and near Bloomington, MN.)  I thought about proposing these classes for Minneapolis, since I live in Minneapolis, but I've worked with Bloomington before and they were really nice.  And when I tried proposing the ATC class four years ago for Minneapolis, I had a huge hassle.  I remember when I finally got a call back at the last minute from someone I'd been trying to reach for weeks, he practically begged me to teach the class, but I was so disgusted with the run-around I'd gotten, I just said forget it.  I don't like the way their system is set up, where you have to apply to each class location separately, and the coordinator of that school's program might call you.  Stupid.  Why can't they have a central coordinator like Bloomington and put me in the location they think best?  Grrr.

I have enough material now to put together another issue of Bookstore Thief, and probably two issues of the migraine zine.  My material has been languishing, but now I have a deadline of sorts, as I want to have them done by the time I teach the zine class.  I'd like the students to see that you can do a zine on anything that you're interested in, and you even do more than one! I'm also thinking that making some new zines will spark ideas for sharing in class.  I mean, it's been 3 years since I put out the first Bookstore Thief, so I'm sure I'm a little rusty.  I just wish I had a big white table to spread out on and leave stuff as I worked on it.  No such luck!  Well, no, actually I do have a big white table.  In fact, I have two that I got last year for the two art festivals I did with my buddy Sue.  But is there anywhere to put one where it won't be disturbed for several months? Hmm.  I would have to move some functional furniture out of the way, but really it's chairs that only get used when we infrequently have a lot of people over.  They look nice, but who cares about that?