Sunday, October 31, 2010

Arrr! Yo Ho Ho and such!

Me, as pirate.  It was so fun! I've always wanted to be a pretend pirate, so it was a dream come true.  I bought the hat and the tattoo sleeves new, but everything else is thrift store.  Harley Davidson boots (the only heels I own now): $4.  Leather pants with rip in butt: $7. Shirt that I cut up: $2. And then a few accessories, like earrings, shell necklaces, and one necklace  made of coffee beans and walnut shells and some other kinds of seeds: $10  I probably spent a total of about $35-40.  And I won first prize at the party we went to!  I got a jar of homemade brandied pears, but even better than that was the adulation of everyone there (the judging was done by clapping).

The studious pirate.  Sue did my makeup.  My earrings are so old school that they're clip-on.  I braided all my hair except my bangs.


Sharon Parker said...

Shoulda been rum pears, shouldn't it? Great costume! We enjoyed seeing Jon and Lily when they came by on Halloween night. Craig and I had just gotten back from Michigan only a short while before, about 6:30.

Parabolic Muse said...

holy crap! There are so many posts, here! I'm very happy, but I have to come back after Cathie gets the hell off the computer!