Sunday, February 24, 2008


Here are the same ice crystals on the window, only not so close-up.

Ice Crystals

These were on my window the other day when it was very cold outside. I think they're just gorgeous.

Colored Zentangles

I did these for a swap and I tried them a couple different ways, since the host didn't specify how to make them colored. First I tried making the lines with different colors, in very fine lines with my Micron Pigma 005 pens. That's the middle picture. This was okay, but very time-consuming. Then I tried doing fatter lines with my gel pens, that's the top picture. Mm, okay. But my favorite are the bottom four, with the lines still done in black, and then portions of the sections colored in, and then only using 3 different colors. My very favorite is the pink blue and orange one, which I titled "Circus Circus." I joined a new Yahoo group that I'm getting a lot of inspiration from, called Zentangle Fanatics. Check it out and join if you're into Zentangles.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Winners of OWOH!!

Wow, what a fun even this was. I won three times! And found lots of great blogs I want to visit again. My first winner was Nici at ArtShapedWorld, and since I got over 100 comments, I have a second winner, CraftyHala at Simply Sage (of course, I haven't finished making the second bracelet prize but I hope to this weekend). And I won a stamp set from Gretchen at Mad Rat Studio (you gotta love that name), a collage book from Jessica at Wild Rose Stamper, and a collaged birdie box from Jodi at Wild Vines. There were over 400 players in total, so at was a lot of fun finding new arty blogs I never would have seen otherwise, and it was fun to give away something for Valentine's Day. I hope to participate again next year.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

I Stand Corrected, At Least Once

Remember I was whinging about the jukebox widget? Well, I found not only a great artist's blog today, but one that uses the jukebox for good. That is, it works. It creates an atmosphere on her blog and enhances the experience of being there, instead of being an annoying interruption to my thoughts. And it complements the style of her blog as well. Go and listen in at Izabella's Blue.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

ATC Holder: New Product for my Etsy Shop!

After seeing someone in one of my art groups make a little book out of a Jello box, I got inspired and made this little book from one of those cute little mini cereal boxes. It's the perfect size for holding ATC's, because it's just a little bigger in both dimensions. This is my second one I've made and I decided to add some beads on the spine to dress it up a bit. I'm selling this one in my Etsy shop, and I hope it does well because I just want to make more of these, they're so cute and tiny!!

Here it is with some of my fave cards in it. Doesn't it look stunning? I am a frackin' genius.

New Project: RED BUTTONS on Black Mesh Tote

So I think I bought this bag at the Textile Center annual garage sale last year. I knew it wasn't something I was likely to use for myself, but something possessed me to get it and DO something to it to make it not so plain. And now, I have been possessed by the Muse to cover it in red buttons. And a few white ones. Maybe I'll make some kind of swirly pattern, maybe it'll just be random. I have two sides to do, so it will take me a while (I'm sewing them on individually). And many buttons. I was looking in thrift stores for red buttons and have really struck out. They don't leave them in a big grandma jar anymore, they seperate them into bags of matchy-matchy 4's or so and charge 3 bucks for them! Uh-uh! Not paying that! Besides, I didn't find any I liked. Found some overpriced lots on Ebay, but I may not have to do that either. I asked a couple of my art groups if anyone had any red or white buttons they wouldn't mind parting with, and many people have responded, so I'll just wait and see what I get. If you out there reading this have any, send them to me! I can trade you for something if you would like. Please feed my button addiction.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

A Place to Bark: Charity Challenge Update

Well, Jan. 31st is past, and A Place to Bark didn't place in the top 4 but they still raised over $42,000, which is fantastic. They get $1,000 for being in the top 100, and they also had a 35K matching grant from another organization, so Bernie will be able to build a small indoor shelter for the doggies to stay warm. Hooray! Here's the as yet unoffical results of the Parade challenge: America's Giveaway Challenge.