Sunday, February 03, 2008

New Project: RED BUTTONS on Black Mesh Tote

So I think I bought this bag at the Textile Center annual garage sale last year. I knew it wasn't something I was likely to use for myself, but something possessed me to get it and DO something to it to make it not so plain. And now, I have been possessed by the Muse to cover it in red buttons. And a few white ones. Maybe I'll make some kind of swirly pattern, maybe it'll just be random. I have two sides to do, so it will take me a while (I'm sewing them on individually). And many buttons. I was looking in thrift stores for red buttons and have really struck out. They don't leave them in a big grandma jar anymore, they seperate them into bags of matchy-matchy 4's or so and charge 3 bucks for them! Uh-uh! Not paying that! Besides, I didn't find any I liked. Found some overpriced lots on Ebay, but I may not have to do that either. I asked a couple of my art groups if anyone had any red or white buttons they wouldn't mind parting with, and many people have responded, so I'll just wait and see what I get. If you out there reading this have any, send them to me! I can trade you for something if you would like. Please feed my button addiction.

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