Sunday, February 03, 2008

ATC Holder: New Product for my Etsy Shop!

After seeing someone in one of my art groups make a little book out of a Jello box, I got inspired and made this little book from one of those cute little mini cereal boxes. It's the perfect size for holding ATC's, because it's just a little bigger in both dimensions. This is my second one I've made and I decided to add some beads on the spine to dress it up a bit. I'm selling this one in my Etsy shop, and I hope it does well because I just want to make more of these, they're so cute and tiny!!

Here it is with some of my fave cards in it. Doesn't it look stunning? I am a frackin' genius.


newcreationart said...

I'm really enjoying your creativity in using the mini cereal boxes as ATC holders. In your comment to me, you asked what a moo card is. I'm not completely familiar with them myself (haven't seen many), but I believe they are like business cards, only smaller.

Chris said...


You are a frackin' genius !!

Chris said...

Moo cards may be googled and they are neato.

I, however, never have to deal with the issue since I have no business or attendant card.

Jodi Barone said...

Love it, lucky charms would be a fun one! won my giveaway...lovebird box at I will need your address and to fill your box with treats. My daughter's birthday celebration is tomorrow, so will mail on Monday. Anyway, so nice to meet you and send you my Valentine Creation. There is an email button on my blog. I adore Izabella's blog and her glad to see she is being even more grandly discovered as she so deserves. You are a generous spirit!

daydreamstudios said...

This is the coolest thing. Your right it's the perfect size for ATC's.
You're invited!!!!

What: A Blog Party


When: Now thru next Tuesday

Why: Becuase I made it to 100 posts (wasn't sure I'd make it past 3)

Time: My blog never sleeps, so come when you can.

Who: You of course, bring a friend too.

P.S.: I have a present to give away!

Funky Finds said...

how neat! a genius way to recycle :)