Thursday, October 13, 2005

Job Interview

I haven't had many job interviews in the last, oh, ten years. I had one today for a part-time library job and I felt like such a dork. I guess I'd rather have a personal chat than sit there and listen to myself jabber about my mad skills. I actually heard the phrase "and stuff" come out of my mouth... I wanted to follow it with "Doh!" but that seemed like it would only make things worse. And they ask you basically the same questions that you filled out on the application--that you took time and care to craft brilliant answers for. Only this time you say "and stuff." Yeesh. Well, I was probably fine. I'll find out in a week or so if some teenager beat me out. I hope not, it would be sooooo fun to work at a library. I mean, I guess I am a dork, because I love the idea of shelving books for hours. So there you have it.

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