Friday, March 03, 2006

Wow, time got away from me there and I haven't posted in weeks. First there was a 2-week period of nasty migraines, then there was the cold that I'm still trying to get rid of. Now things are calming down. I go on vacation next week and I can't wait to get out of here--Minnesota in March, yuk.

Taught my first Community Ed class this week, on making Artist Trading Cards, and it went great. Only had 4 students, but it was fine. I just wish it paid a bit more. But I'm already signed up to do the same class again in June, so we'll see if I get more students then. And I'll actually be employed at the end of this month, doing test scoring part-time for 20-30 hours a week. I keep applying for library jobs and keep not getting them. One of the most recent I applied for had over 50 applicants for 1 position. Oy. So maybe I can forget about that for a while and enjoy being employed for a couple months and not feel like a big loser who can't find a job. I know a lot of it is just dumb luck but it does exhaust me, looking for a job and not finding one. The scoring job is an annual temp thing that I did last year so they basically asked me if I wanted to do it again this year, which is nice. Anyway, maybe I'll stop having those stupid dreams about being fired from jobs and feeling like a bad bad person. I hate those!

The only bad thing about going on vacation is not being able to take Cocoa Puffs with me. I spend more time with her than really any other creatures, including my husband, I think. And she's my buddy. I love walking her, even in crappy weather, because she's always so happy and grateful. When I get home from walking her she waits for me to sit down so she can jump in my lap and give me hugs and kisses. It feels so good to be loved by a dog. :)

I've been listening to a book on CD and it's so funny, I love this story. I don't want it to end! The book is Neil Gaiman's latest, Anansi Boys. The guy doing the reading is brilliant with the voices, he brings it alive much more than if I'd just read the book myself. I don't know how to describe the story, I guess it's sort of magical realism but really funny. The main character is sort of a nice dopey guy that gets into a big mess of trouble and has to find his way out of it by trying to navigate this magical world he doesn't really quite believe in. I love Gaiman's sense of humor about gods.

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