Friday, October 06, 2006

Sock Monkey Couture

These lovelies were on display at the MN State Fair, and it was fun just to watch the expressions and exclamations from people as they walked up and saw the dresses. I think the flowing dress was hand knit and the evening gown with backpack was machine knit. Some people were saying it was too much work for a joke, but I thought it was great. The fact is, to me it's not a joke, but a statement that knitty can be goofy, it doesn't have to be boring (and plus, I would probably wear one of these if given the chance). And look how much joy it brought to the thousands of people who saw it! Most knitting magazines are so God-awful boring it's a crime. Personally I want to knit something fun. Knitty mag online is a good antidote to the Vogue snoozefest when you want fun patterns. I mean, look at this afghan--have you ever seen a knit blanky this gorgeous?? There's a little piece I want to make--a watchband--and the photo is particularly funny and has a dog in it, so they get big points for both humor and dogs. I have to go knit something now.

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