Sunday, September 30, 2007

Swap Bot Hand-Drawn Postcards

Robots and Totoro

more robots (I love drawing robots) and some kids playing a game

my fertility symbol design that I was going to make into a quilt square but haven't yet done so.


Kathyy's Krafts said...

It looks like a fun swap.

fluffywelshsheep said...

yeahhhhhhhhh all robots are cool hehe
i think am being a big kid as usuall.

Tangerine Dreams said...

I love the fertility symbol. We took a Birthing from Within based class when I was pregnant and got to do alot of birthing art together. SO helpful and fun. Congratulations on your baby girl! I love love love having a daughter. I'm so curious about Jimmy. Could you forward a link to your first post? I tried searching but it's taking to long and monkey's almost done her breakfast with Dada and I'll have to take over! Great blog!