Tuesday, November 13, 2007

ATC'S: Japanese cute =kawaii

I have just discovered kawaii, and it's not a Hawaiian island where I spent my honeymoon. It's a japanese phenomenon of super cute things. It seems most popular in stationery and school supplies, and it's not meant exclusively for kids. In fact, some of it seems just for adults, not that it's risque, but just because so many adults are into cute Japanese culture. And I guess I'm one of them. I always liked Hello Kitty growing up, and still do, and now there's all these other Sanrio characters, plus several other brands besides Sanrio that have their own cute characters, and it's all getting exported now to the United States. So I joined this Swapbot swap to make ATC's where you draw some of the Kawaii characters from the brand Decole. They're mostly little food or food-related characters, such as cupcakes, mushrooms, and condiment bottles. Weird, huh? But they are cute, you gotta admit.
If you want to see some examples of kawaii, look at Phoophie, where I just bought some stationery.

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Chris said...

I had no idea Kawaii meant something else! Your pages are so great. I love cheery, colorful things like this. When I get enough I'm going to make a book out of them.

I already have 12 of my own dark and depressing books...