Friday, November 13, 2009

Zentangle Time!

Here's one I did for a swap-bot swap. I'm trying to do fewer elements than I have in the past, that is, not cram everything but the kitchen sink into the space required. Like use some white space, and use only a few different patterns and repeat them. I really like the result, and I am planning to do a set with even fewer of these same elements. I'm in a swap for Fall-themed zentangles and I like the little trees with a few leaves on them for that theme. But even fewer leaves. And the dot-line pattern inside the long ribbon that cuts across the middle remind me of rain. It's hard to draw rain! So it's a happy accident that I drew something that turns out to look like rain.


Chris said...

hey, I like the images packed in, and I also like this opener one. Love swirls, baby! this is groovy.

deepazartz said...

Nice Zen...Like the pattern very much. Even I am trying my hand at zen.

Good Day!

Deepa from

Kyle said...

very nice


Chris said...

how you?
me good.