Thursday, December 10, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Just a quick update: my first craft fair, the Green Gifts Fair, went fabulously. I made over $100! That probably sounds like small potatoes to most of you craft fair experts. But I'm happy. And we had so many compliments from other vendors on our table, that it was "colorful and playful."

So in two days I have the Women's Art Festival and I'm sure it will be fun, esp. with my buddy Sue there again. But I just kinda want to get it over with so I can focus more on my family's Christmas. I have some Christmas shopping done, but I need to figure out the whole picture.

I've been sad lately because I miss my folks and sisters out in Seattle. I just saw them in September but it went by too fast.

I've decided to make my Mommy Blog public so everyone can read it. And I'm really going to try to update it more often (I haven't since April). I need it, it's like a journal and it helps me figure out where I am in the world.

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Chris said...

Yay! mommie blog updates!
I understand about being so busy and needing to focus on just getting stuff done. It's so weird, how I always think I'm ready for the holiday, but I'm not. I guess everyone has a bit of this. I hope the women's art festival was a fabulous success!