Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Power Tools

This is my box. I made it. I made the box! This was one of the best parts of this workshop. Jane first showed me how to figure out what size I wanted for a box, and then once I figured that out, I ripped apart the crappy milk crate I had bought from Michael's, and then used a power saw, actually a jigsaw, to cut the boards to size that I wanted. Then I drilled holes (Valley Ridge has a fab toolbench in the workroom with drills just hanging there waiting for your little hands to hold them and your feet to hit the power pedal--kinda like a sewing machine). Then I hammered in the nails, and I had my box! So, I built it! I know, you're probably like, big whoop, but this felt really good to me. I felt like my Dad, the tool King, would be so proud.

Then I painted the outside black, which you can see I'm in the middle of here. After that I used this iron paint that Jane brought, and then painted patina over it so it has a rusted look. I'll get a better picture of that later. I gotta go buy some of that fun metal paint. It's so fun, it makes it possible to patina any surface, basically. I had to fiddle with my box because it was new wood. Other people had fabulous old boxes with wonderful color already built in.

Okay, more later, I have to go run Mommy errands now.


priti.lisa said...

Okay, you seem like a cool person.
guess I'll look for your finished box. I am a big fan of Jane Wynn... but she doesn't know I exist. Chris sent me :D

Parabolic Muse said...

THIS is wonderful. I'm not kidding. I love boxes and I have boxes all over the house just in case I run out of boxes. But, to make my own box?! I mean, I've made an origami box, but THIS? This is like, the Pieta to my refrigerator doodle, in box terms!