Sunday, January 09, 2011

Me Teacher

I'm teaching two community ed classes this winter. Or at least I think I am. I know that sounds like I have a problem with committment, but really it's just about having enough people sign up for them. So let me tell you about them!  Chris, I know you want to sign up, but really, I don't think you can afford the gas money from California.  So behave. I'm teaching in Bloomington, home of the Maul of Amerika. 

The first class is about Artist Trading Cards. What? You've never heard of them? Aw.  They're fun! They're these little baseball-card sized things that you make and trade with other folks.  Why? Because Tiny Things Are Fun, especially art. You'll make at least three in the class, based on models I provide.  Here's a sampling of ATC's I've made:

Although I do use some new materials, I like to use things you don't have to buy new, things you might find in a thrift store (my home away from home) or lying about the house.  The top left card has a bingo card for a base.  The bottom right uses a map from an old atlas.  Bottom left, the background is from an old hymnal.  And top right is actually made only of bits and pieces I collected at the Minnesota State Fair.

It's a 1-night class, an introduction to making these wonderful little arty pieces.  I'll use several different tools and techniques that students will get to play with, too.  Last time I taught this class I had people who had never used rubber stamps before, and they loved it.  I bring my embossing stuff, paper punches, images to collage with (I love cemetery photos, so I bring a few that I've taken), and just throw out lots of ideas of how you can make them.

I also bring with me a couple albums full of cards I've traded for and with, and books about making ATC's, all for students to browse and be inspired.  And I give students a goodie bag full of stuff to take home so they can start making more ATC's as soon as they leave class!

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Parabolic Muse said...

Wait a minute! When's the class?! I may fly out!

I love cemetery photos.

I love it that you're teaching. I know this is going to be one fun class, baby!