Sunday, April 03, 2005

Rubber Stamp Nightmares

There is a great little rubber stamp company in St. Paul called Picture Show. They don't have a web presence, darnit, but I've seen their designs around town in different forms besides rubber stamps. For instance, all the Smart Women products are done by one of their artists. The designs from Picture Show that I like best are tiny line drawings of funky things, like a chick (bird, not girl) wearing a fez, playing a saxophone. I bought a few of their stamps, including one of a bad rat with big teeth. And then I had this dream...

In the dream, J. and I found a mouse in our house, munching on our food. I shined a flashlight on it so J. could see it, and we watched as it backed up right on to a mouse trap. Well, that's taken care of, I thought, but then the trap sprung and only moved about a millimeter. The problem was that the mouse was an absolute giant. It was Morbidly Obese Mouse. So it sat there on its fat little butt eating its snack, not bothered in the least by the trap. "You pick it up," I told J. So he did, holding it out at arm's length. The MOM just held still, like a deer in the headlights. It looked a little like a Pokemon or a Furby. I opened our back door and J. let it go on the ground. Before it ran off it sprayed J., like a skunk would. Or a Morbidly Obese Mouse with special superpowers.

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