Thursday, April 28, 2005

When it Rains...It Pounds

Dangit. I have a headache again, one of those week-long bastards that just keeps hanging on. And yesterday just as I leaned over to pick up something off the floor, my doggie jumped up on the bed in front of me, causing a head-on collision. So if my head wasn't hurting enough...ouch! And she looked just fine, didn't even phase her. Dogs seem to have rock hard heads, why is that?

So I actually did finish my book reviews that were due by yesterday, a huge accomplishment with a headache. Now I can read whatever I want. I always feel a little frenzied when I'm done with book reviews, like I have to run around the house and pile all the books together that I've been waiting to read, so I won't forget. I have a couple of books on math (Five Golden Rules and Keys to Infinity) that I bought at the Science Museum a while back that I've been wanting to get to, but I'm not sure if that would be too much for my throbbing head right now.

This morning I heard on the radio that Bound To Be Read , an independent bookstore over in St. Paul, is closing its doors. Too bad, it's really a nice store. Evidently they can't compete with the chains and online sales. As a former bookstore employee who worked for a small independent that was swallowed by Barnes & Ignoble, I hate to see independents go under because of the big B&N monsters. But really, I don't know how BTBR could afford the rent for their St. Paul store, being on Grand near Victoria Crossing, next door to Pottery Barn and Cafe Snotte--I mean Latte--anyway, I hate B&N. Their sales people are dolts, and that's the way management likes 'em.

The sun is out today and the lawns are green and it's...39 degrees. Oops, thought we had a nice Spring day, but it's still a bit screwy, like 20 or 30 degrees below normal for this time of year. Well, I might just go for a walk anyway, maybe the sun will do me some good, as long as I shield my head with sunglasses and a hat. If nothing else, a walk will make my dog happy, and that is always a good thing.

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