Saturday, January 28, 2006

"A Higher Percentage of Grays"

Customer Service: a dead art in America. Okay, I have to rant here because this has been bugging me for days now. I get my hair permed about twice a year and I'm very lazy about styling it in any way so I'm willing to spend big bucks on the perm at a salon so that it looks good if I just basically wash it and go. So I got my hair permed last week and I wasn't happy with the result. It ain't curly enough. So I call the "perm technician" (oh Lord) and tell her and she basically grills me with questions trying to come up with an excuse, instead of A. apologizing (that's what you do when someone is not happy with the service you've provided and you're in a service industry, moron), and then B. coming up with a solution to make me happy (see parentheses in A.) My favorite question that she asked was whether I had "a higher perecentage of grays" than the last time I'd had my hair permed. Um, excuse me? So now I'm old and gray and that's why it's my fault my hair didn't curl? Gawd, for a Minnesotan, that was just such an un-Nice question.

This particular salon guarantees customer satisfaction, and I'm afraid I'm about to find out whether that's just a hollow marketing statement or if it really means I won't have to pay for them fixing what I wasn't happy with. I go in next week for her to "look" at it. She'll probably say it looks curly to her. Bah!

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ButterflyLane said...

Make sure when you go in to have her look at it that you don't do anything to help it's curliness along. I might even go to the opposite extreme and comb it out thoroughly before going. (Then again, I'm evil, so you might not want to follow my advice.)