Thursday, February 02, 2006

How much does The Brothers Grimm suck?

A very lot. I just watched this on DVD and I can't believe Terry Gilliam directed this movie. Is he on drugs that he thinks this is good work? Getting old and soft in the head? I mean, it's crap. It doesn't make any sense, but not in a good way like Brazil didn't make sense. Brazil made Kafka-esque sense, while The Brothers Grimm doesn't make sense in a writing-is-crap kind of way. It's a comedy, it's a fantasy, it's slapstick, it's horror. And none of them work. Really the most comedic moment is the first time you see Matt Damon's teeth, because then all suspension of disbelief is gone--it's a period piece, yes? But Damon's gleaming teeth just don't go, they're like an iPod in Charles Dickens. Ew. P.U. Don't bother, that's my recommendation.

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