Sunday, February 05, 2006

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Fun Fun (and unintentionally eating bugs)

Saw Kiss Kiss Bang Bang at the Riverview the other night, our neighborhood "dollar" theatre--actually, it's $3 now, but worth it. They also have perfect movie popcorn with real butter, not butter "flavoring" which, if you have read the news lately, could mean dead bugs. Bleah! If you haven't heard, you need to read this article from the Wall Street Journal about what foods actually have dead bug parts in them, used for coloring. Nasty! And if you'd like to see these foods clearly labeled so you can avoid eating bugs, public comment is being taken by the FDA (read the proposal here) until May 1st, and you can submit your comment as an individual consumer! Submit comments to the FDA here.

But I digress. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang made me laugh . Snappy funny dialogue that we missed a good bit of from laughing so hard and not quite being able to keep up. Intelligent dialogue, such a rarity in American movies, alas. So it was really funny. Robert Downey, Jr. kind of played himself, I think , so not a big stretch for him, but he was good. Val Kilmer is still cool, may he always be cool.

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