Saturday, April 01, 2006

Pop Culture Fortune

This is a piece I just whipped up to donate to Outsiders and Others Art Gallery Art Binge, which is an auction to raise money for the gallery. I love this gallery and I thought it would be a good way to get more of my art out there. They helped me price it at $125, which is pretty exciting. I'll be going to the auction on April 22nd, should be fun. The people at the gallery who were there when I went in really liked the piece a lot.

So here's how it works: Each number is associated with some pop culture reference. The words stamped next to the numbers are associated with that reference. For instance, 42 is from Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and the words are "Don't Panic," which is from the guide. The bunny tag is actually removable (each one is in a plastic slip case cut from an ATC holder) and has a further "Lucky Bunny clue" on the back. For 42 it's "42 is the answer to the universe." And so on. And then I made up a fortune, like from a fortune cookie (only in this case they're coming out of bottle caps). For 42 the fortune is "You rely too much on authority. Ask someone else." Here are the others, see if you can guess the pop culture reference:

320, Hot Dog! Lucky Bunny Clue: 320 Sycamore "...drafty old house..." Fortune: Stay close to home, there is something here for you, right under your nose.

140 40, I know this! LB clue: 104 40 is NOT the longitude and latitude of Devil's Tower (and neither is 140 40) Fortune: Trust your intuition, even when it's way out there.

13, Bauds of Euphony. LB clue: 13...W. Stevens...blackbirds. Fortune: See something ordinary in a new way.

1701, To Boldly Go. LB clue: 1701...fascinating. Fortune: Try somewhere new. Be friendly.

9906753, Top Men. LB clue: 9906753 is the number on a crate.

I also used driftwood from my Seattle vacation for accents in each section, twisting wire with beads gathered in numbers matching the digits in that section. This was really fun to make. Posted by Picasa

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