Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Things You See From a Moving Car

While driving to work in rush hour traffic, I saw the guy in the car behind me pull his red t-shirt over his head and toss it on the seat next to him. He looked quite pleased with himself, hanging his arm out the open window and settling back into his seat. I bet he didn't have air conditioning in his car. Too bad more people without A/C in their car don't just remove their clothing. I think there would be less road rage.

So I watched this guy for a while, since traffic wasn't moving much. He was funny, he yawned and looked at himself in his rear-view mirror while he was yawning. Then he stuck his finger in his eye and checked his finger for eye goo. Ew. So I looked at the guy in the car in front of me, and he was cleaning out his ear with his finger. And looking at it. Ecch. You know, men make fun of women who put on make-up in the car (actually, I do that, too--mock them, not do as they do), but really, I thought this was much worse. Driving in traffic is not the place for personal hygeine rituals, guys.

I was in the lane that had merging traffic coming into it, you know, the one where people pretend nothing exists on the right side of their car, even though there are all these cars with their blinky blinkers on begging you to let them into their lane? Lucky me, I had a Haagen Dazs truck come alongside my car. You know I let him in.

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