Thursday, April 24, 2008

But Is She A Dotee?

Dotee Dolls are all friendly and cute, and mine are, well, countercultural, as my mother-in-law put it, correcting my father-in-law, who was calling them voodoo dolls. His is a very small world. I thought about calling them ShI dolls, as in pronounced she and short for Shut It. Like Talk to the Hand, just Talk to the doll, or talk to ShI.


Chris said...


I've decided. I'm taking all sorts of crap with me to Maui, and I'm making dolls like this by hand. I can't take my machine, but that's not going to stop me!!

This is so cool. I want a whole room full of these. I want so many of these in a room I can't get in.

Kimmie said...

She looks like a good listener - as long as you don't take her facial expressions too personally hehehe!