Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Craft Fair Funnies

This last weekend I went to two local craft fairs and bought most of my Christmas presents for my family. Of course, I bought some stuff for myself, but only a couple hair pins and pin-on pins, those little ones. There were a couple of really cheeky vendors that made me laugh really hard and I wish I could have bought their stuff. One was called Maybe You Should Die, and they had great cards that had the usual hip graphics, pale colors and nice typesetting, but they said things like "Thank you" with the word "thank" added after the word "F--k" was crossed out. Or a similar one with a crossed out word that used to say "Thinking of Beyonce," and "Beyonce" is crossed out and "you" is added over the top. You really should go look at them at their Etsy store. The even funnier "mean bags" are a hoot, with nicely embroidered foul language on little bean bags, as shown above.

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Chris said...

Okay, thank you. Because I've finally heard of something that is all I need. This is it.

Can I borrow some money?