Thursday, December 04, 2008

Making Tiny Things

I just made these from patterns in my book The Cute Book by Aronzi Aronzo. I've been dying to make some of these and they were really fun. A bit hard to cut out some of the tiny pieces but worth it. And I'm quite proud of myself for finally doing a french knot. In fact, the monkey has double french knots for his eyes, and the doggie's nose is a triple french knot! I just always thought those were so intimidating to do (anything French is) but I did it good!

I just love the dog. I also put magnets on the back of them (those thick round ones that are pretty strong) and they make really cute little fridge mascots. Or, if you have magnetic paint on some of your walls like we do (am I a little obsessed with magnets? Yes), you can put them lots of places. I'm sure my daughter will move these all around the house.

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Chris said...

okay, French knots are as hard as they sound. drive me crazy!