Sunday, October 25, 2009

Michelle Ward Workshop at Valley Ridge Art Studio

This is a picture of stuff I was making at the Stairway to Heaven workshop that Michelle Ward taught a few weeks ago at Valley Ridge Art Studio. I like the jumble of parts and the colors. The workshop as a whole was wonderful. Michelle is an experienced teacher and very smart about knowing what things to focus on getting DONE during the workshop in order for the student to feel accomplished. I didn't expect to have a finished product when I left, so I wasn't stressing about that, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much progress I made and how I could actually see the progress. We made a triptych book and Michelle made sure we assembled it before we left. I can still take it apart again and rearrange it if I want, but assembling it and seeing it all come together really made me feel good. I also learned a lot of techniques hands-on that it just wouldn't have worked to read about. For insance, I really didn't get how to do dry brush painting and now I get it and really like what I can do with it. She also had tips on how to make the most of your tools (using them in more than one way) and that was very helpful. She's very old school, so not into buying fancy newfangled products when you can do just as well with old supplies, and I like that. She's very approachable as well, and funny. So if you're ever considering taking a class from Michelle, I highly recommend her as an instructor and a fun artist to hang out with for two days.


michelle ward said...

Carrie - it was such a pleasure to meet you (and your adorable family!) Thank you for the lovely words. It means alot to me to learn this was a great experience for you - it certainly was terrific for me too. To see how everyone embraced the project, and made it their own was very cool. Your work is gorgeous, the palette is so handsome...and I loved seeing your work space with all the bits you prepared for embellishing at home. As you said on my blog, this was your first extended workshop. Didn't you love being able to spread out at your own table and apply yourself to the process for two whole days? There is nothing better than that, except for the connections we make with like-minded souls who join us for the adventure. So glad you came! Again, beautiful work Carrie!!

Chris said...

Carrie, I love Michelle's sensibility about art, and if you follow her Street Team challenges, she'll often show you techniques using tried and true supplies and original ideas.

I love those pages you made. It's really cool to see it come together and be a realization of a class I was really excited about it. I can't WAIT for next year!

Valley Ridge said...

Carrie... it is great to read about your experience and I am more than thrilled that you loved Michelle, loved working with Michelle, and found taking a workshop worth all your time and effort in making this happen for you. You go Carrie, go.