Sunday, October 25, 2009

More Pics from Stairway to Heaven workshop

Michelle 'n' Me
The assembled triptych

The fabled stairway

More of my pages

The first half of the first day we just painted blank pages, and I can't tell you how fun that was. Not just learning new paint techniques, but also spending several hours painting and doing nothing else. No interruptions. And no big choices. Because I had only picked about five colors of paint to bring with me, I stuck to that palette and didn't have to stop and make more decisions about it. That made it more fun, to have a limited palette. And to have Michelle telling us "Just paint! Don't think too hard about it. Just paint!" was great reinforcement. Part of the joy of this workshop was what Michelle described as "making an appointment with creativity." It sounds cheesy but it's really true. It's a big committment to set aside money and time for two whole days to make art. And it's a good feeling. I enjoyed my appointment so much that I'm sold on taking a workshop at least once a year to feed my creativity. I used to look at all the workshops out there and convince myself that I could do it all at home, but now I see first-hand the value of making that committment and getting away to do it.


michelle ward said...

ooh, more photos, yay!
Appointment with Creativity....I say that alot. I really believe it's an important step in growth, to give yourself that uninterupted time. So glad you chose to make your appointment at VR with me :)

Chris said...

oh, this makes me happy and even want to cry! so, there.

Lynn Stevens said...

ohhhh ,it looks like a great workshop. Love your triptych.Does that stairway fold out? very cool. Looks like one I really need to try!