Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Still Kickin'

Hi Everyone, or all 3 of my remaining readers.  I know, I checked out there for a long time.  Well, my laptop was on the fritz for almost six months, so I had no computer to do blogs on and could barely keep up with my email at the library.  Cripes!  I know, whine, whine.

Well, I got my laptop back last week and I'm in a frenzy of writing.  I hope to keep this blog updated again but I'm not making any promises.  I am just not the kind of person that can be on a scheduled routine and keep to it all the time. 

Anyway, life has gotten better.  I miss my Dad a lot, but I don't feel so blah about doing things anymore.  It was like it just wore me out, losing him.  So I didn't want to do a lot.  So I didn't.  Well, it's been a year.  My Mom is doing ok but I sure wish I was closer so I could go visit her more.  And my daughter wants to go visit her more as well, which breaks my heart because we can't afford to go but once, maybe twice a year.  So I look forward to Christmas, when we're planning to go next.  We had Christmas there last year and it was really wonderful.

Summer's almost over and I had a great time.  My headaches are under control enough that I can actually make plans and keep them most of the time, which is a big change from last year.  We went camping twice and did a day trip to a cave in Wisconsin and I'm writing a zine about it called something like What I Did This Summer.  I even went swimming in the lake a few times, which I don't do much because the sun can give me a headache really easily.  But I did okay!  And had fun!  I haven't had so much in years.  I do wish we could go to the ocean for a vacation, but that's a bit far.  Still, my kid knows all about tides and sea creatures and I want so much for her to experience the huge difference between lake and ocean.


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