Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Twin Cities Zinefest -- Me Going!!

Yes!  I'm finally going to be here at the right time and got in on this early enough that I'll be tabling at Twin Cities Zinefest this year!!  This makes me very happy.  This will only be my second zinefest, too.  I'm such a virgin with the fests, even though I've been writing zines since the nineties. 

I'll have at least six zines to sell, which makes me very happy as well.  I'm trying to finish several before then so I have lots of new ones to show.  Doris distro is now carrying my zine The Migraineur, which I think is great, because she is very selective about finding zines about women's health, both mental and physical, and so I'm hoping more migraineurs will find my zine there.

Okay, I'm tired now because I got up at the crack of butt because I'm sleeping in my own bed again, as opposed to the couch which was my bed for more than a year when my migraines got daily and really bad, so I'm not used to the bed and sleeping with my husband again, so I wake up early with a sore back.  Now I'm tired and I gotta go back to bed.

More late on the zinefest, but I hope to see you there!!  September 22nd, mark your calendars, one week before my birthday!!  I have to figure out something fun to do on my birthday, too, any suggestions?  No, not skydiving.


Parabolic Muse said...

Ready for more about the Zinefest!!

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