Sunday, September 07, 2008

From the Fine Art Show: Trees

The Fine Art Show was weird this year. They grouped all like subject matter together, to the point of making you sick of it. J. and I both commented in the book that it was overkill and really took away from the power of each individual piece. And although I didn't write this down, because it's mainly a personal preference, I am so sick of silver gelatin photos. Big ugly faces with lots of detail. Gach. Silver gelatin must be the in photo format these days. I hate it.
I like trees a lot. I thought these two tile/glass pieces were really nice. I love the rich colors. In the top one, I like the contrasting shapes of the leaves (circles) with the sky and land (squares). I thought that was a very creative juxtaposition. And circles for leaves, I wouldn't have thought of that. But they look so good. In the lower one, I love how the bark is depicted on both trees, and all the different surfaces that feel cold and reflective, icy even.

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