Friday, September 12, 2008

UFO finally finished!

This is the ginormous nap pillow (the middle is 31" across) I started to make when I was pregnant last year, and I just finished it. It's supposed to be a flower with petals. My seams are uneven, my edging is all over the place, but it doesn't matter, you can't tell any of that. It turned out wonderful. The top picture shows the top of the pillow, which has a big pocket for baby to put stuff in. The bottom photo shows the back, and it's hard to see but there is a velcroed seam across the middle so I can pull the inner pillow out and wash the cover when I need to. I can't believe I finally finished it. It's a little poofy right now--when we put baby on it she rolls off--but I think it will be fine once it's used a bit. This was done from an Amy Butler pattern that is sadly no longer available.

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Chris said...

Oh, man, what a lucky baby!

I love this pillow. Let's get a photo with Lily and the pillow, okay?!?!?