Friday, September 05, 2008

Blogger Giveaway! I Give You Stuff!

Of course, there's a catch. Well, duh, it's my birthday. I'm not one of those people that gives everyone else presents on my birthday, no no. Just one person. Or two. Maybe three. It depends on the response here. First, the prizes, because I know how greedy you all are (just like me). Oh, and as far as the magazines, I'm not giving these away because I think they're crap and I want to get rid of them. I wouldn't do that to you! I'm giving them away because I have duplicate issues and I think they're really good:

1. Adorn Magazine, Summer 07, the 1st issue. This magazine died an early death, which made me very sad, cuz it was fun. And I had a subscription. They didn't even send out a letter saying "I'm sorry, we died. You won't be getting any more issues. Or your money back. Okay, bye!" So this is now a collector's item, because you can't buy it anymore. Ooooooh, so valuable, I know.

2. Cloth Paper Scissors Winter 2006 Issue 9 : this is the issue with the crazy lady who made a purse a day for like a year. One issue of this magazine is enough inspiration for a year of projects.

3. Cloth Paper Scissors September/October 2008 Issue 20 : There's a dog collage on the cover. Need I say more? There's also articles on sketch techniques and fabric books.

4. One of my little dolls. I love making these. If you haven't seen my dolls, check out these posts: Dotee for Mommy, Robot Doll, Caribbean Dotee.

5. A copy of my new zine, Bookstore Thief. It's not quite done yet but now it will have to be by the end of this month. It's the true story of me getting robbed at gunpoint when I worked in a bookstore. Plus some other shorter reader adventures. I'll be selling it in my Etsy shop and it may be a one-shot, but this is where you come in, dear reader...

WHAT I WANT FROM YOU: email me a true story that happened to you that has something to do with either working in a bookstore or a library, or a story that has something to with your reading life. Of course, it has to be an interesting story. Maybe you burned a book, why? Maybe you read a particular book once every year, why? Maybe there's a book you hated in school and it scarred you for life. Or the opposite. It doesn't have to be a long story, just a few paragraphs or pages. Heck, I'd even take a few lines if they're interesting or funny.
If your story is ten pages long then obviously you need to write your own zine. My hope is that I get enough stories to make another zine that's a compilation of these stories. I will of course give everyone credit for their stories, and even plug space for your Etsy shop, blog address, etc. Or if you want to remain anonymous, you can do that, too (this is all in leiu of actual money). I won't charge an exhorbitant amount for the zine, I'm not looking to get rich (ha! if only it were that easy!), I just thought it would be fun. I got the idea when I read this great zine called 12 Items or Less that I bought off Etsy all about working in grocery stores and shopping in them. I thought it was fascinating. You're only going to find things like this in zines. So get writing! Your deadline is Sept. 29th, my birthday!

Okay, is that enough? Depending on how many people participate, This may be five different prizes or one big prize package for my two devoted readers who check my blog like every day, Chris, and my sister K. And I'll decide who gets the prizes by a random drawing of people who sent stories. Now get writing!

I will update this post periodically with new info. Oh, and yes, it's international, I'll mail stuff to my adoring fans outside the U.S.


Chris said...

I love it that you're making a zine! I can't wait to get a subscription!!

Simple Blog Writer said...

Hey, this is my first time on your blog, but I'm in. You're in the Twin Cities and that's where I'm from, you seem really cool, you're a Libra and I like Libras, and I worked in a bookstore once and my bookstore boss' husband wanted to teach himself how to be a surgeon, and I'm a library groupie who reshelves books that are in the wrong place and patrons assume I work at the library and sometimes I pretend I do. So sure, I'll write something for you, you betcha.