Saturday, May 23, 2009

Me at the Art Fair

Sorry no posts lately, I've been recovering from working my butt off for the art fair, and kind of licking my wounds. I sold NOTHING the first day and about 4 things the second day. I feel like I shouldn't even admit that, that people who previously liked my art will now think, oh, nobody bought her stuff, she must be a LOSER.

Jen, one of the two other women who I did the booth with, said you just never know how it's going to go at art fairs. Even so, I have to admit it was a big let-down for me. Saturday it was horrible weather--cold and wind gusts of 36 mph all day long. We could not get warm. We couldn't put up the walls of our tent (we tried) because it just turned the tent into a giant sail. People all around us had card racks that I was sure we were going to be impaled by on the next gust.

This picture is of me on the second day, when it was nice and sunny with no wind. I'm still wearing three layers and long underwear. I'm standing in back of some of my stuff--some clocks, some zippies, coaster sets in baskets facing sideways to the camera, and doodle discs, a new creation I came up with about 2 days before the fair: I made some CD-sized doodles, then made a bunch of copies and spray-mounted them onto old CD's that have waiting for some craft project. You can color the doodle yourself, send it as a postcard, stick something on the back to hang it from the wall as art, whatever. I thought it was brilliant. I don't think people understood it. Maybe it will sell better on my online store. That's the next big project, getting pictures of everything and putting them all up for sale on Etsy and Artfire. At least I don't have a deadline on that.

So I'm kind of recovering still, plus this is a big headache week, and with Spring finally here, I'm having loads of allergies. So I just haven't done much. Caught up on TV shows. Finished a book I've been reading forever and wasn't impressed. Today I did finally finish a project for my daughter, putting up these alphabet cards in the upstairs hallway. They're about 8x10 in size and have a big letter on each, along with original art of lots of things starting with that letter, like hedgehog for H, etc. For months I only had it up to F. Now all the letters are up. It took a while as I nailed them in rather than use any tape.


Tammy said...

Great attitude and best to jump in again. Sorry about your allergies. Next time, find another book :)! The ABC cards sound delightful.

Chris said...

Okay, are you KIDDING? your table is beautiful! colorful, fun, lots of variety... What's not to get? Anyway, did you hear from anyone else how they did?

You have amazing energy. I can't believe you got all those cards up! I loved it that you were wearing buttons!

Chris said...

okay, those doodle discs are brilliant. Put them in your shop, now. Also, zippies and coasters. And the clocks? Are people kidding? What the hell did they spend money on?