Sunday, May 03, 2009

Monday's Giveaway!

PRICKLY BLOGGER ALERT!!! there, I warned you.

Update: HEY! What is it with you guys? Am I making my commenting requirements too hard or what? Why am I suddenly only getting one person commenting on my giveaways? What, are you busy with your LIVES or something? Do you think this is a piece of crap? Sorry, I woke up with a headache so I'm crabby. But seriously, why are you all ignoring me? I'm in the middle of a mad scramble to get ready for my first art show and I'm still taking the time to do the giveaway and only my best buddy Chris is following me? Or maybe you're just not into doodles. I don't know. But you're making me very depressed. This might have to go under "Things I want to punch in the face," when my giveaways get ignored.

Here it is, the Zendala! I know, it's not mounted on black cardstock yet. It will be. I'll update the picture.

Sorry it's bad lighting, I took this late at night, because I'm working frantically trying to sew like the wind to get ready for Johnstock, which is less than two weeks away now. Eep!

Anyway, for this giveaway, let's have comments on doodling. Do you have a favorite book or artist that is doodly? I like the children's author Maira Kalman . She is a very doodly person. The endpapers in her picture books are full of line art doodles, of dogs, people, and everyday objects. I mean, look at these. And Doodlage just turned me on to Yellena. I could study one of her drawings for hours. So hook me up to some doodly stuff! Ready, go! This giveaway will be open 'til Wednesday-ish midnite.

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Chris said...

You don't have to enter my name if you don't want to, because I don't know doodlers by name. I'm sorry. Except for Ra'shell, and her stuff is neato. I do love doodling and love cartooning and all sorts of line art. I once had an idea for an entire comic strip of characters that look like letters. And if they were angry, they would be bookman old style, and if they were goofy, they'd be comic sans and if they were serious they'd be helvetica and if they were stuck up and boorish they'd be courier, and if they were sexy they'd be lucinda sans. Then I realized I didn't know what the hell I was talking about.

I will send you one of my unschooled doodles. Will that make up for all this?

thank you.

p.s. not that the doodle is unschooled, it's that i'm unschooled in doodles. your doodle is rad.