Thursday, April 30, 2009

Crop Art Dominoes

What do you think? The camera flash washed them out a little, but you get the idea. I did these after taking a fun workshop called "Nature Kitsch" and I personally love crop/seed art, so I combined my love of seeds with my huge stash of postage stamps. The pears have red pepper flakes around them. The hummingbird has dill seeds, which look like tiny sunflower seeds, and pasta letters that spell "birdie." Hee hee. And the sunflowers have mustard seed and dill seed surrounding them. Oh, and the top super cheesy one has brown rice all lined up on the bottom, dill seed on the sides, and one line of mustard seeds on the top. I basically used oodles of mod podge as glue, and I got some glitter mod podge, which is soooooo fun, it makes the pepper flakes really sparkle.


Miri said...

bottom right one is definitely ma favourite, but they all look lovely, well done!

Chris said...

these are great. thanks for posting them. i've never thought of doing this.