Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pig 'n' Chick House

No, it isn't a new restaurant. It's a cute thing I made with one of those wood knick knack holders, along with some farm animals I got at Target a while ago. And I made up a poem for them. And it goes like this:

The piggies and the chicks
moved in that day
they liked the big house
so decided to stay

"Oink! We like yellow," said some of the pigs
"Cheep!" said some chicks "Well, we like pink!"
So they ran all around
and they shared all the rooms,
and the neighbors came for tea
exactly at noon.

And as you can see, I've glued piggies and chicks all over the house. I like it. This is actually the first poem I've written in a while. The last one was about Lily eating Strawberries for the June Moon calendar page. This was fun. Except for the part when the animals wouldn't stick. Hot glue just didn't do it. Lily would come over and pluck them right off. Bah! A good test, though. So I found Weldbond, a much stronger glue, and non-toxic and dries clear. Good stuff.


Ces said...

Ooh I love pigs and I have them everywhere in little doll house furniture. I love the poem especially the first stanza.

Tammy said...

Crazy little pigs and chicks must have antigravity suction to walk on the walls and ceiling!