Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monday??? Giveaway

Er, yeah, guess who won this one? The ONE person who commented. And I do love the look of those pendants, Chris, even if the picture is only a sneak peek. So what you gonna do with this fabric, huh? So I guess I threw everyone off doing a Monday giveaway on Wednesday. But Chris gets the benefit of being able to follow my confusing life, so she's a winner! The WINNAH! I love saying that.

Yes, well, I know it's almost Wednesday, and you're all like, hey, where are you? My brain went away on vacation Monday, mostly because I was anxious about finding out whether or not I was getting into that craft fair. Then I kept trying to find my calendar to see what I was supposed to do Monday and by the time I found it, I forgot why I wanted it so I didn't look at Monday's schedule and I missed a doc's appt. I was supposed to go to. It was also the first day of single Mom week, as hubby left for a work conference that morning very early.

And I still don't know if I'm in the art fair or not! I feel like those little alien dudes in the grabber machine in Toy Story...waiting to be chosen. My hopes are waning. I called the people in charge again about 6pm on Monday night, and this time they said I should hear "by Tuesday...or May 1st at the latest." Oh, fer Chrissake! The fair is May 16th. Could you cut it any closer?

My friend Jen, who is in on this with me, lamented,"Welcome to the wonderful world of juried art fairs." Wow, suck. I guess I'm going to have to not invest so much in this mentally. And I have a bunch of stuff I've made that I don't have in my Artfire or Etsy shops because I was sort of "saving" them for this art fair. Now I'm thinking that's pointless. I should just put that stuff up for sale and then pull it at the last minute if I get into a fair.

Well, anyway, HERE'S THE GIVEAWAY, FINALLY: about a half yard of some cotton print fabric. It's butterflies and they have stars on their wings, so they're sort of firework-y or something. Maybe they would be good for something subdued for the 4th of July. So what I'd like to request in your comment, instead of begging for the fabric, is either 1)a helpful tip about your experience-if you have any-selling at or even getting into an art fair, OR 2)a link to something you made (in your store or on your blog or whatever) that you're selling that you think is really fabulous and if only other people could see it they would snap it up!! I will look at all these links. Of course my choice for my thing is my Amelia Earhart shrine, which is exhorbitantly expensive, so I understand if you don't buy it, but there must be someone out there who is an Earhart nut and MUST have it! OR 3)If you don't have a store yet, but you're secretly harboring thoughts of selling your work, link to a picture of something you think maybe you'd like to sell, so we can all tell you that of course the world needs you to sell it!
This giveaway will be open through Friday midnite. Have fun playing!


Chris said...

I have membership in Artfire, so I hope to be selling pendants and canvases. I will try to link to one.

Okay, here's the only link I have to the pendants I made earlier this year. I'm going to make many different styles and put them in my store... When it's open!

This has a bad photo, sorry.


Chris said...

Thank you, Carrie Pie!