Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bib Attempt #2

Well, it's done. And it snaps. And I love the wind-up robot fabric. But I tried to use felt for a layer inside and it was too thick. Plus then I sandwiched it wrong and so the felt is one the back, not in the middle. Which isn't so bad, it's red so it matches fine. But I learned you gotta really trim the seam allowance where the snaps are going to go, otherwise there will be too much fabric to push through. Also, hammer the pearl top part of the snap on a soft surface, like I did here on folded up felt, so you won't crack the pretty top.

So! Third time should be a charm, eh?


Miri said...

loving the hammer next to the bib, this picture describes arty motherhood at its best :D
I've got to run i'm afraid, I hear my little one shouting "just one little cut with these scissors..." so someone's gettin g a haircut & I'm afraid it might be my Georgie!
Hope to hear from you,

Chris said...

This is the cutest damn fabric anywhere. I don't need a bib yet, but could you make me a set of pillowcases and a duvet cover with it?

But the real reason I called is because there's no Monday giveaway, and I'm irritated. That pretty much has to be on time, or it has to be called a Tuesday giveaway!