Sunday, April 05, 2009

Monday: She's Gave It Away!

This Giveaway is now closed. A bit late, because I had a migraine week and spent yesterday in the hospital. Whee! I should just have a disclaimer in big letters on my blog somewhere that says *schedules may change at any moment due to stinkin' migraines.*

Anyway, THE WINNER IS moiraeknittoo! by random drawing. I'll be contacting you and sending you the fabric, and then having another GIVEAWAY next Monday. It was really fun hearing what people would do with the fabric, and also great to hear what they'd made recently that they were proud of. moiraeknittoo made a friend some warm socks because she works in a building that's always freezing. That is some knitting love, I can tell you. Not everyone appreciates how time-consuming knitting is, and I bet that woman did. What a fab present! Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories. I hope you win next time!

I've decided to do regular giveaways on my blog here. I just have so much stuff! And I like giving it to people. Sometimes it will be supplies, sometimes it will be something I made. And I'll ask you to comment somehow. I won't make you visit my store, and it won't be a quiz, but I like connecting with people who are reading my blog, so it might require a teency bit of thought on your part. And I like the idea of giving stuff away on Mondays, to start off the week right. So here goes with my first Monday Giveaway!

To win this lovely 1/2 yard of Japanese-themed fabric, simply leave a comment on this post saying what you would make with it, AND tell me about the last thing you made that you are proud of, that made you feel good. Oh, don't be a baby and skip that part. It will make you feel good to share with the class, and start out your Monday right. You could even share a link to a picture of the thing! I'll pick a winner randomly on Wednesday (because of time zones and wanting to give people over yonder a chance to win).


Heather - Dollar Store Crafts said...

Cool fabric! i would probably use it in a quilt or reusable grocery tote.

Last thing I made that made me feel good was my Alien Abduction Lamp!

Miri said...

i'd make some things for my daughters new play kitchen out of it, it's a lovely fabric. The last thing I made and am proud of is.. ehm.. i made a nice babyquilt out of vintage fabric that used to be mine. i think that's my favourite thing i made.yep :)
thanks for this lovely giveaway :)

moiraeknittoo said...

Oh that's lovely fabric, and what a great concept. I would probably make it into a small double pointed needle case and/or a small sock knitting WIP bag. If there's enough left over, maybe a small zipped pouch to hold stitch markers or other tools. The last thing I made was a pair of sport weight socks for a friend to wear at her office - the building is very old and drafty and her feet were freezing. This was she's all warm and cozy and they were a quick knit!

Chris said...

This is cute fabric! I just got a stack of fabric while on vacation, wondering what I'm going to do with it.
Also, while away, I took a short little class in making leis with eyelash yarn and I thought my lei came out very nicely! I was very happy with it and plan to make more!

ellen said...

It's so cute and would go so well with my casual dishes - I could probably stretch it to make a pair of big place mats to line my trays for dinner in front of the TV with my sweetie.

The project I'm the most proud of was the Peacock Feathers shawl I made for my wedding last November. Most of what I've made since then has been pretty pedestrian.

j9art said...

I would make a kimono wine bottle wrap,with the fabric. The last thing I made was a quilt for my puppy, she loves it! That makes me feel good.

needlewings said...

I just finished up recovering a stroller cover, a carrier, bumper pad, blankets, etc. for my niece who is having a baby:) The photo is posted is on my blog

As for what to make out of the fabric, I made my sister a Chinese takeout noodlebox bag that you can see in a later post (January, the next to the last project on that page) It would be awesome and perfect with natural bamboo handles and would take a half a yard to make! I am getting ready to make another one for a friend. If I don't win it, I will pick out another fabric for myself! ROTFL

Threadhead said...

nice getting to know you! I did check out your store, nice stuff! I love the Ernhardt shrine!
I just finished a folk art Tote bag, check it out on my blog! I will add yours to my blog!


Dotti said...

Love the motifs on the fabric. Would cut them out and use them in fabric collage quilties definitely.
I recently turned a challenge to do a quiltie in the Katie Pasquini Masopust syle into a journal cover! Hugs, Dotti

Pam H. said...

Great fabric! The last thing I made that made my heart sing was a quilt made from my 20-year old daughter's old high school jeans. Of course I gave it to her. She loved it!