Sunday, April 05, 2009

My First Bib

Okay, not really MY bib, but the first bib I've made. Isn't it cute? I used fabric that Very Mary sent me. And this is the first time I have put a snap on. Hoorah for me! Now, I know this isn't stunning. I'm crap at sewing curves on the machine, and I made the seam allowance too big and then didn't use that much of it so it's a little snug on baby's neck, AND I had to take off part of the snap and redo it because I missed two prongs, and the second time I caught those two prongs but I smashed it too hard and one is flattened and kind of sticking out. Snaps are a little harder than they look--a little harder than eyelets to hammer on. But hammering them beats sewing them on by hand from the days of yore. And it's functional! And it works! And I finished it! Mission accomplished! I have been wanting to sew a bib forever. I didn't even have a pattern for this, I just traced a bib that I got from a friend who made hers and went from there. And the next one I make will be better! And I got some girl pirate fabric. How cool is that? Those little velcro bibs that we've been using since Toddler was a wee babe are too small now, and are getting realllllllllly grungy looking, and we have grown to hate the seeming convenience of the velcro, because it sticks to everything else but itself and shreds lovely new socks. So I'll be making more of these soon.

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Chris said...

I like your little bib. I saw some bibs in HI and wondered if you'd like any of them, but I couldn't figure out if Lily was still using one, so I didn't get any. And I sort of suspected you made your own, and now I see this first one! V. Cute and a good cereal theme!