Saturday, May 23, 2009

More Pics of our art fair booth

These are dolls Sue made from fleece and other scraps she found at thrift stores. This was one of those items we were in disbelief about that no one bought. They were like $12. And so colorful and cute! I wanted one. The only reason I didn't get one is that Lily would probably take it and pull the button eyes off. Aren't those cool buttons? She said that was the only thing she bought new, from JoAnn's. I can never find cool buttons like that at JoAnn. Sue also does jewel-encrusted mirrors, jewelry boxes, and even magnets. She sold a lot of magnets.
Here you can see the trays full of Sue's magnets, alongside her golden birdhouses. That's Sue, sitting behind the table, trying to warm her hands on a cuppa. The other half of the table is mine, with my zine, zippies, coasters, stamp tray (this is day 1 so the set up is different).

And here's Jen's stuff, Tiki!!! She's very into Tiki, and wildly talented at it. She does Art-o-Mat with some of her small tiki paintings, and I bought one. We all bought some of each other's stuff, and that was fun. We also bought some of the other artist's wares, which weren't overpriced and there were some really creative items. I got a bracelet made from an old belt. It has a movie poster on it about "What all women know" or something like that, and she's in the arms of a cad. Very 50's. And what I really love is that it has the place it was playing--Encino at 11p.m. Encino. Ah, California, how I miss ya. I'll have to go get the artist's card so I can plug her stuff. She had a funny motto, too.

Overall I guess it was a good experience, and now I can say I've done my first art fair. But what a let-down to sell almost nothing. I just have really mixed feelings about it. Has anyone else out there had a simliar experience at their first art fair? Or have you already blotted it out of your memory?

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Chris said...

The only fair I did was for the bookstore I worked at. We did sell a few things, but it was much less than we expected. Carting all that merchandise and both of us sitting there all day was a real drag. But it wasn't anything like being there with stuff we'd made ourselves. That adds a whole new expectation/letdown factor to it. I've never tried to sell something I've made.