Monday, January 11, 2010

MRI Looms

Well, my Meetup group is now official, and info was automatically emailed to 15 people already who were interested when a Meetup came into existence about migraine support. I was hoping to see a few members but no one yet. Of course, it's only been 2 days since it went public. I'm not like, impatient or anything.

Meanwhile, I had a horrid week last week with my headaches and sudden vision changes. Today I finally got what I wanted: my neurologist to schedule another MRI, as I haven't had one in almost three years and this sudden vision change is alarming.

The MRI is on Thursday, and now that I'm finally going to get it (I've been talking about how I think I should get one for at least a month now to my husband), I'm nervous. Driving to my clinic today to get a new prescription for painkillers, I actually started thinking to myself, What if they find my brain riddled with tumors and I only have six months to live? Yeah, way to think positive. I don't know, maybe it's a twisted way to think positive. Because then I started thinking of all the fun stuff I'd immediately want to do: take Lily to Disneyworld. Go hiking in the Arches National Park in Utah (one of my favorite places that J. and I went on vacation to when we lived in Utah. Can you say majestic?). But I didn't get very far on this thought train, because my toddler in the back seat started singing a song she made up and she was requesting that I sing with her. Way to bring me back to the present moment, honey. Thank God for this kid.

Anyway, cross your fingers for me with the MRI. Hopefully they find nothing. Well, other than that my brain is still there.


Sharon P said...

Well, I do hope that they find that your brain is still there, and something easily treatable that explains it all so you can just fix it and be done. That's how it works, right? Like the PS Mueller cartoon where the mechanic has lifted the hood of a guy's car and sitting there under the hood where the engine should be is a big goofy-looking hairy monster. He says, "I think I found the problem."

Chris said...

Carrie, I'm so sorry I just now saw this. How did it go Thursday? Did you feel claustrophobic? Did they let you listen to music? And, what happened?!?