Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Oh brother. I was just searching on the internet for info on any supports groups in my area for migraine sufferers and through a few links, I got to this disturbing site. I mean, it's annoying because it has nothing to do with migraines and I don't know why the heck this person linked to it, but it's also just weird. It's a blog done by a woman who seems to mean very well, and is a motivational speaker, I guess you could say. Or a motivational blogger? I suppose there are blogs in that category now. Looks like she sells her own motivational merchandise as well. Anyhoo, Flylady wants you to take baby steps in getting control over your life. Watch the Shiny Sink video. It's icky, creepy. A shiny sink is not my idea of happiness. In fact, as my life has gotten busier, a shiny sink has gone down on the priority list. Anyway, if you're too freaked to watch the whole thing, I'll tell you the ending: "A good dinner is easy when you have a shiny sink!" Oh goody.

Anyway, I'm still seaching for a support group and I'm even thinking if I can't find one I'll run one myself, darnit. I'm sick of this crap and going through it relatively alone. There has to be a way to unite, even if we can't conquer.

Maybe this is my second New Year's goal, after reading more books. I have to wait a week or two to start working on that one, tho, as I'm waiting for new specs. I knew I was having problems with my vision but the last couple months it's been getting really bad and triggering migraines. When I went to the DMV to renew my license I almost didn't pass the eye test! That was enough for me to get on the phone and get to the eye doctor. I'm freaked out, tho, worrying that something worse is going on in my brain with these darn headaches. Grrrrr.

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