Saturday, June 25, 2005

Countdown to Vacation in X-1

We leave for the Boundary Waters and four days of camping and canoeing in less than 24 hours, hooray! I am really looking forward to this vacation. And I'm very excited about bringing the good camera, that is, the digital camera, instead of those cheap waterproof disposables that take grainy, crappy pictures. I've been wanting to bring our good camera for a while now, and today I finally went to REI and bought a really nice waterproof case for it. $45 for peace of mind and some great pictures. The camera stays in the bag and you take pictures through it, so the waterproof bag never need be opened. We tested it out already and it works great if you aren't using the flash, which I doubt I'll need much being outdoors all the time. As anyone who reads this blog knows, I love to take pictures, so I'll really have fun up there with my good camera.

Cocoa Puffs is going to her doggie hotel in a couple of hours, and she'll be there while we're gone. Wah! I know she will be okay there, I'm not worried about that, they take good care of her and she plays well with the other doggies, I will just miss her. Maybe next year we can take her with us up there. That would be fun. I just picked up the latest issue of Bark magazine and there's a great article about taking your dog in the canoe. If you love dogs and you haven't seen this magazine, run right out and get a copy, it's really fun. Not like Dog Fancy or some of that other crap, this is more literary and silly. And it has outrageous ads for dog stuff.

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Chip Nelson said...

Youd'e like it here. We are in the middle of nowhere and there are bob cats, deer, wood peckers, wild turkey, guinne foul (survivors of the days when slaves brought them over from Africa), snakes, turtules, gators, foxes and occasionally reptiles we can't identify. Most is not all of these wonderful creatures end up running in front of my motorcycle at some time or another. A Bobcat mother receintly had her kittens in the woods just beyond our property and can be seen carrying them around in our back yard.

We have tons of lakes, streams and rivers, black water swamps and other navacable waterways. The ocean is about an hur and a half from here.

Have a great trip, take tons of photos and watch out for the ticks.