Friday, June 03, 2005


Is there such a thing as a resonant frequency of the human body? At the Basilica of St. Mary where we go to Mass, there is someone in the choir who I call my "spiritual Elvis" because whenever I hear him sing, it's a spiritual experience. His voice just knocks me out, it's so gorgeous. Whenever he is the cantor for Mass, I am so psyched. I'm not getting all New Agey and touchy-feely, I just wonder about if there's something physically or chemically happening to me when I hear him singing. No matter how I'm feeling before I hear him, after he sings I feel like the world is new again and full of promise. It just amazes me. Is it really that wacky to think of that feeling as the product of a resonant frequency? All physical objects have a resonant frequency. So think of me as the system upon which the force of his voice acts, and the amplitude of something in me just skyrockets when he sings. It's not that I get all hyperactive, it's more of a feeling of richness, fullness--which is another meaning for resonance. It's soothing and exciting at the same time. I like it.

I bet most people can relate to this, although maybe they haven't thought about it as much as I am thinking about it. There's a voice on the radio you just love to hear, you could listen to it read the phone book, it doesn't matter. You just love to sit and listen to it. Maybe you swoon over it, if it's saying something meaningful, because that just enriches the quality of your experience. But really, on a primal level, it doesn't matter what the words are, you are experiencing the sound, the quality of the world changing as it's filled with that voice...

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